Information Services Division


Version control and collaboration with GitHub

As part of our mission to enhance UCL's capacity to produce high quality software for research, we recommend GitHub as a service which supports code management and collaboration. UCL researchers can use GitHub for all their code management needs, secure in the knowledge that local support for GitHub is provided by the Research Software Development Group.

Tools for the creation, maintenance and dissemination of reliable research software

GitHub are the leading providers of cloud-based source code management and collaboration tools, including great support for version control, issue tracking, and code review, as well as the ability to manage software documentation and websites linked to the source code. GitHub repositories can be interacted with via git or subversion, or via their dedicated GUI clients.

Open source repositories carry no cost on GitHub, and UCL research groups should feel free to go ahead and set up public repositories themselves.  Follow the instructions to sign up for a free GitHub repository for your open-source research.

Private repositories

GitHub also provide free, secure, private repositories for non-profit research. UCL research groups have the option either to sign up for a research organisation account for their group or to create their repositories in the UCL central service.