Information Services Division


Research Data Services Objectives and Policies

Key Objectives

The key objectives of the UCL Research Data service are to provide:

  • Capability to store, preserve and access increasingly large volumes of electronic research data and data products
  • Capability to support coordinated end-to-end research 'workflows' encompassing the use of both data storage and computational resources, by UCL researchers.
  • The protection and preservation of UCL's research data assets.
  • Increased potential for re-use and possible future exploitation of UCL's research data assets.
  • Opportunities to consolidate UCL's data storage infrastructure. Unified pan-UCL services (single system for all researchers)
  • Compliance with increasingly stringent requirements for the management of project (data) outputs by the Research Councils.

UCL Research Data Policy

Version 6 2020

The Vice Provost (Research) has ratified a UCL Research Data Policy. This policy outlines responsibilities of all stakeholders involved in the storage and management of data outputs from research at UCL.