Information Services Division


Contact, Advice and Consultancy

General Enquiries

We’d love to hear from you if you would like to discuss any aspect of our services, or if you have a requirement you'd like to explore with us. RITS has two facilitators who can help you with general queries relating to research IT.

We can:

  • provide free advice and consultancy to help you find IT solutions to support your research
  • help you to identify the IT services and teams at UCL you need to talk to
  • provide specialist support for high performance computing, software development or data storage.

We encourage feedback from researchers in order to guide the future development of our services and anticipate your needs.

The facilitation team are:

  • Jo Lampard – Senior Research IT Services Facilitator
  • Dr Tom Couch – Research IT Services Facilitator

If you have general queries about how to get help with a particular problem, please email rits@ucl.ac.uk

(using this email address will ensure that your query is directed to the most appropriate person).

Service Specific Enquiries

If you know which service you require, you can contact the relevant teams directly.

Research Computing Platform Services

For support or for general advice and consultancy, email: rc-support@ucl.ac.uk

Research Software Development Team

For general contact and queries regarding the UCL Research Software Development Team and its services, please email rc-softdev@ucl.ac.uk

Research Data

For general contact and queries or user support, please email: