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The Research IT Services (RITS) department develops, delivers and operates services to assist UCL researchers in meeting their objectives at each stage of the research lifecycle. These pages are here to help UCL researchers and other users to take full advantage of our services and include comprehensive user guides, contact information for support queries, and details about forthcoming training and events.

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Research Computing Platform Services

Research Computing Platform Services

Services to support computationally intensive research. Providing advice and access to high performance and throughput computing clusters for all UCL researchers.

Research IT Applications

Research IT Applications

Applications supporting funding and innovation through to publication and dissemination, including the IRIS, RPS and equipment catalogue applications. 

Research IT Training

Popular courses:

Research Software Development

Research Software Development Team

Professional research software development: programming effort, training, advice and tools to support best-practice in academic software.

Research Data Services

Research Data Services

A suite of services to facilitate better management of digital datasets by UCL researchers, their partners and collaborators.

RITS all audiences site

Visit our all audiences site to find out about our successes working with UCL researchers and external partnerships.

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Advice & Consultancy

We give free advice and consultancy on any aspect of IT related to your research. We'd also like your feedback on our services. We're here to help!


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How do I get an account for one of the research computing platforms (e.g. Legion)?

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Forging new digital tools with the Health Informatics Collaborative

This year, the Research Software Development Group (RSDG) are embarking on a new collaboration with the UCLH Critical Care team to develop new digital tools for research and patient care. As is happening in many other research domains, digital methods look set to transform this field, allowing researchers and clinicians to make better use of large and complex datasets. James Hetherington, the head of the RSDG, tells us more…

Published: Jan 11, 2016 10:59:58 AM

Managing research data with iRODS

A new component, iRODS, has recently been added to the Research Data Services portfolio, which will make it easier for researchers to manage their data and prepare it for open access. We asked the Research Data Services team to tell us about iRODS and what it can do for UCL researchers.

Published: Jan 11, 2016 10:34:33 AM

UCL Discovery Upgrade

Over the summer, the Research IT Applications (RITA) team have been busy upgrading the software and infrastructure underpinning the UCL Discovery service. This work will secure the future of UCL Discovery, making it more reliable and sustainable, and will help UCL to respond to upcoming changes in Open Access requirements from HEFCE.

Published: Oct 6, 2015 4:59:56 PM

Introducing UCL's Research Data Support Officer

In May we welcomed Myriam Fellous-Sigrist to UCL in a new role as UCL’s Research Data Support Officer. Here Myriam tells us a bit about what she’s been up to and how she can help UCL researchers manage their data.

Published: Oct 6, 2015 4:02:01 PM