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Copyright and learning technologies

This section provides a brief overview of copyright legislation and how it affects our use of material in Moodle courses and on course websites.

It is important to stress that copyright legislation must be adhered to. UCL can be prosecuted if any infringements are found. Copyright legislation is still in the process of catching up with new technologies, in particular the massive growth of the web. This doesn’t mean though, that there aren't any rules governing the use of online material.

Useful contacts

The Teaching & Learning Support Section (TLSS) provide a copyright clearance service for course materials (doesn't handle requests to websites).  They can also provide advice on how to get copyright clearance from websites.

Telephone: 0207 679 2087 (ext:32087)

Email: library-tlss@ucl.ac.uk

Useful links

The UK Intellectual Property Office is responsible for Intellectual Property (Copyright, Designs, Patents and Trade Marks) in the UK.