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Optical Mark Reading

Optical Mark Reading (OMR) is an electronic system for producing examination results from pre-printed forms which are completed as "multiple choice" or "true false" exam papers.

There is no charge for the provision and marking of OMR papers.  This is subject to review for future academic years.

Please note:  The OMR Service is for course examinations only, it is not for evaluation type questionnaires.

Blank forms

The forms can be supplied in large or small quantities as necessary. Once completed the forms are then returned to the OMR team where they are processed and the results produced. We require two weeks' notice before supplying OMR forms.

For centrally arranged exams, these papers are normally supplied by the Examinations office.

Examples of the two OMR forms:

The marking process

Completed MCQ sheets must be sent to (ISD OMR) for processing.

Completed papers will need to be taken to the Digital Education office:

Digital Education
6th floor
1-19 Torrington place

PLEASE NOTE: from Mon 18 February 2019 we will be located on the 6th floor

You will need your UCL ID to gain access to the building but your ID may not give you access to the 6th Floor. Please speak to Reception when you arrive to contact us.

View a location map for 1-19 Torrington Place.

Please ensure that you provide your full name, email address, telephone number, a answer sheet and marking scheme.  Our turnaround time is generally one working week.

Marking schemes

Most departments choose to use the +1 correct answer, 0 incorrect answer scheme.  If you would like to determine the confidence of your students' answers, you may wish to change your marking scheme, e.g +2, -1; this would lessen the likelihood of your students choosing random answers if they are unsure, and gives a better indication of their understanding.  Please click here to learn more about certainty based marking.

If you have any queries, please contact omr@ucl.ac.uk or call 020 7679 5000 (25000)