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What does the Digital Education Team offer?

The Digital Education Team provides support for E-Learning to all members of UCL. Our main activities are:

  • Support, advisory and outreach: Developing, sharing and ensuring good practice in e-learning by working with departments and individuals. We run courses, workshops, master classes and briefings, and encourage and support formal and informal networks.
  • Running and enhancing e-learning services: Improving the usability and functionality of our main e-learning services such as Moodle, Lecturecast, Turnitin and MyPortfolio and working on better integration with other systems.
  • Innovation, evaluation and development: Assessing student and teacher needs, evaluating new technologies, pedagogies and services, horizon scanning, experimenting, and guiding the future.
  • Developing learning spaces: Working with colleagues in UCL Estates to improve physical learning spaces, to increase the number of open-access PCs and flexible learning spaces, and to introduce experimental teaching facilities.
  • Distance learning and continuing professional development: A major new area for UCL which requires new approaches to teaching, to student support, and to quality assurance.

Our work is informed by the UCL E-Learning Strategy, and is governed by the Learning & Teaching IT Services Group which is chaired by the Vice Provost (Education). 

We are based within ISD's Learning Technology and Media Services department and maintain a close relationship with the following UCL departments:

What you can do with E-Learning