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What is Lecturecast?


Lecturecast is a tool for scheduling and recording lectures held in UCL Lecturecast enabled teaching spaces.

Recordings can be made available to students via their Moodle courses to support student learning.

Lecturecast provides a learning platform that goes beyond the simple recording and viewing of lectures, allowing staff to transform their content into an interactive experience and enabling students to engage further with content.

Create Lecturecast recordings in 3 easy steps:

  1. Schedule the recording of lectures timetabled in CMIS, using the Lecturecast Scheduler
  2. Make recordings available via your Moodle course
  3. Edit and manage recordings using Lecturecast Active Learning Platform (ALP)

Log in to Lecturecast Scheduler

Log in to Moodle

Log in to Lecturecast ALP

Additional Information

  • Lecturecast recordings can also be made using Personal Capture software. Refer to the Personal Capture training guides
  • For Lecturecast recordings made prior to August 2017, refer to the Lecturecast Legacy pages
  • Lecturecast can be used for the recording (but not playback) of Special events, e.g. non-taught talk or lecture, inaugural lectures, conferences, outreach events, public events or CPD events.  However, as the system is automated, we recommend you email the Digital Media team in the first instance, they will help you to identify the best method for recording your special event.  If you wish to use Lecturecast, please follow the instructions on the Resource Centre

Support and Contact

  • Training guides and videos can be found on the Lecturecast Resource Centre
  • Answers to common questions can be found on our list of FAQ's
  • Book to attend a training session on the UCL Single training booking system
  • If you wish to record a special event and make the recording public, email the Digital Media team in the first instance.
  • If you wish to make your special event available to the wider UCL community or made public to the world, please see the UCL Mediacentral website for further information.