Information Services Division


Office Moves

If your department is planning to move offices, we will require time to schedule the work needed.

How much notice do I need to give ISD?

Below is a list of the minimum notice required for each type of move, where more than one applies, you should use the longest notice period:

  1. A move within the same floor of a building (e.g. room or floor reorganisation): 1 week.
  2. A move between floors of the same building: 2 weeks
  3. A move between buildings: 1 month
  4. A large number of people moving (more than 20): 1 month

What information do I need to provide ISD about my office move?

Information we need ASAP

  1. The date of the move
  2. The name of the department or group that is moving
  3. The number of devices (PCs, printers etc) moving
  4. Full details (building, floor, room(s) of where you are moving from
  5. Full details of where you are moving to
  6. Whether the department/office is moving in stages or all on the same day.
  7. The IP range(s) that are moving.
  8. If you require floor plans (with socket numbers) for the locations that you are moving to and from

Information we require at least 3 days before the move

  1. The port numbers that you would like patched in the new location
  2. The currently used port numbers in the location you are moving from (only needed if moving within building)
  3. Any special networking requirements

Who should I send the information to?

All the information should be emailed to ns-inf@ucl.ac.uk