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UCL Proxy Connection Service Definition


This document has been drawn up to describe the service provided to those organisations or individuals who connect to JANET (Joint Academic Network) via a proxy connection hosted by UCL. The document is a communication tool to help manage expectations, clarify responsibilities, and provide an objective basis for assessing service effectiveness.

Purpose of Service

The service is used to provide a connection to JANET for a third-party organisation or individual via UCL. The connection makes use of equipment owned and managed by UCL information Services Devision, and typically takes the form of a user account on a managed service. The service does not connect a third party network, for which a connection via the Sponsored Connection mechanism is appropriate.

Eligibility for Service

The service is available to organisations and individuals in accordance with provisions set out in the JANET Connection Policy, a copy of which is available from the JANET website. Connection is entirely at the discretion of UCL Information Services Devision.

Detailed Service Description

The proxy connection is based on the use of a UCL IS managed service in order to access JANET. Where appropriate, an IS user account or accounts are provided. The service can take one or more of the following forms:

  1. An email account, enabling use of an email mailbox on the UCL ISD email system.
  2. A Unix timesharing service account, enabling use of a Unix login shell on a UCL ISD timesharing server.
  3. A WTS account, enabling use of the UCL IS WTS (Windows Terminal Service).
  4. A third-party web site hosted on a UCL ISD web server. The responsibility for obtaining the web domain name to be hosted, and for ensuring its continued ownership rests entirely with the third party. File space on an IS file server together with a login account for the uploading and management of web source data will be provided if appropriate. (This service is described separately in Service Definition CSD00143.)
  5. A third party domain service hosted on an IS DNS server. This service is typically intended for third parties who do not have the necessary technical expertise to provide such a service from their own resources. The responsibility for obtaining the domain to be managed and for ensuring its continued ownership rests entirely with the third party. In all the above cases, the manner in which any service account is accessed is unspecified. UCL ISD does not provide a managed remote access service. Similarly, client software used to access the proxy accounts is unspecified, and it is the connectee's responsibility to provide this software. Recommendations as to the choice of suitable or compatible software can however be provided, with the emphasis on freeware software in common use in the UCL campus network.

Documentation describing use of the Email, Unix timesharing service, and WTS is provided. This is standard service documentation produced in-house by UCL ISD.

Service Availability and Quality Expectations.

The service is generally available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Occasionally weekend service shutdowns are arranged which affect all UCL services; these weekend shutdowns are agreed with senior College management and advance notice is given. Every effort is made to minimise the number of weekend shutdowns. Operator cover is from 8am to 7pm - Monday to Friday. All ISD systems, including equipment enabling a JANET proxy connection, run unattended overnight and at weekends. If they fail, service may not be restored until the next working day.


All network and system problems are dealt with by Information Systems at UCL. Queries relating to this service should be to the IT Services or emailed to nwg-ops@ucl.ac.uk. Advice is not given on end user equipment enabling access to the JANET proxy connection service. Advice on client software used to access the service is at the discretion of UCL ISD, and will be limited to UCL ISD supported software only.

Exclusions, Exceptions and Limitations

In addition to the exclusions exceptions and limitations detailed under the service description and availability sections, UCL ISD will not be held responsible for any damage or liabilities that arise from use of software recommended for client service access. Note that this document describes a service where the proxy is based on an ISD managed service only. Where other UCL departments or merging institutions wish to provide third party access to JANET via local departmental or institutional equipment, the department or institution is required to license each such instance with UCL ISD. Failure to do so implies that any consequent access of JANET by this means is unauthorised.

Service Change Requests

Service upgrades and changes are dealt with by a departmental service change request procedure internal to UCL. Subscribers are welcome to make requests on the understanding that resource availability and/or other UCL priorities could mean they are not guaranteed.


The service is chargeable on a per-user account basis. Full details can be obtained by contacting the network administrator.

Service Conditions

Use of the JANET network by proxy connection must be in accordance with the JANET Acceptable Use policy.

 Use of UCL ISD services is subject to UCL Computing Regulations. In any case of misuse, UCL reserves the right to suspend subscribers' use of the proxy connection and associated services if they contravene these regulations in any way.

Contact Details

The first point of contact for subscription to this service is the Network Administrator. The full postal address is Network Administrator, Information Services Division, UCL, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT