Information Services Division


UCLGuest Wi-Fi for Visitors to UCL

UCLGuest is a Wi-Fi (wireless) service specifically designed to provide external visitors with access to the Internet.

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UCLGuest is available across the campus, but not in the Halls of Residence. Halls of Residence guests should connect to _The Cloud. 

  • UCLGuest does not require the installation of any software.

Sponsoring visitors to UCL

All visitors to UCL who require Wi-Fi access via the UCL Guest service will need a member of UCL staff to act as a sponsor.

Information for visitors to UCL

If your sponsor at UCL has provided you with your individual user account (user ID and password) or a Conference Event code, then you are ready to use the service. Our connection guide will explain how to set up and access to the service on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Accessing the service

If you already know how to use the UCL Guest Manager, you can access it directly below

Log in to UCL Guest Manager