Information Services Division


S: drive departmental storage

The S: drive is a shared data area that departments can use for collaborative working between staff. Staff members can also use the S: drive to collaborate with their students.

How to access the S: drive

Desktop @ UCL

You can access the S: drive from Desktop @ UCL or Desktop @ UCL Anywhere.

Standalone/departmental machines

Storage space

Each shared departmental folder has a capacity of 200GB.

Additional S: drive storage can be purchased by a department, or shared group.  This additional storage, up to a maximum allocation limit of 50TB, can be purchased at a cost of £0.15 per GB. This cost covers the use of the purchased storage for a period of up to 3 years. More information on purchasing additional storage.

Please note: the S: drive should not be used for backing up data from laptops, personal or departmental computers. It is a shared data area and should only be used for the purpose of sharing files with colleagues. Work related files that do not need to be shared should be saved to your personal area on the central filestore (the N: drive).

Backups/restoring a file

Backups are made every night of all files created or modified since the preceding night's backup.

What would you like to do?

S: drive administration

Request/make updates to an S: drive

Most departments already have an S: drive set up. If you need to add a folder(s) on your department's shared data area or add a new person, you should apply via your Departmental Computer Rep.

Purchase additional storage

Every department is automatically allocated 200GB of shared group storage, but you can increase this.
Purchase additional storage for your department's shared data area.

S: drive admin tasks for support staff

Need to add/remove a user or set up permissions? Go to the Support staff and IT Managers pages for access to tools to administer the shared drive.