Information Services Division


N: drive storage

The N: drive is your personal storage space on the Filestore @ UCL service. We recommend that you save your files on the N: drive.

All students and staff receive 100GB of storage space.

How to access the N: drive

Desktop @ UCL

You have direct access to the N: drive from a Desktop @ UCL PC or Desktop @ UCL Anywhere, the remote access service.

Note: on the Desktop @ UCL service, you will also notice a C: drive. Do not save to the C: drive. It is not a secure location for saving your files. If you are using a Desktop @ UCL PC in a computer workroom, the C: drive can be accessed by any user of the machine and is wiped clean on a daily basis. Lost files from the C: drive cannot be restored. ISD will accept no responsibility for lost files from this drive. The most secure place to save your files is on the Filestore @ UCL service (N: drive).

Standalone/departmental machines

If you use a standalone or departmental machine, you will need to manually map your N: drive.

Storage space

All students and staff receive 100GB of storage space.

Check your remaining storage space (quota) in Windows 7 or Desktop @ UCL

Backups/restoring a file

Backups are made every night of all files created or modified since the preceding night's backup.