Information Services Division


Welcome packs

To use the welcome packs below, the pre-requisites is that you already have an IDHS account and have access to a Research Space.

DocumentWhat instructions are available?What portals?
Secure Data Transfer IN Welcome Pack (PDF)
  • How to transfer data into IDHS environment?
  • Data Transfer Portal
IDHS Secure Data Handling Welcome Pack (PDF)
  • How do I activate and setup Token use on?
  • How to logon to IDHS using password and token?
  • How to send an invite to an external user to register?
  • How to register for In case of emergency (ICE) logon?
  • Applications & Data Portal
  • Security & Tokens Portal
Encrypting Data for File Transfer (PDF)
  • A general guidance on how to Encrypt Data for transit.
  • Data Transfer Portal
  • Applications & Data Portal