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Move over YouTube, UCL Mediacentral is here......................

Mediacentral is a new service which hosts video and audio content, allowing this to be delivered through a "YouTube" style interface, embedded into web pages, social media and most importantly UCL Moodle - the universities' VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

All content is hosted at UCL and is intended to be a rich source of media to enhance learning, teaching, research and promotional activities.

Access is available to all UCL staff and students to view, upload and share their content, users may wish to make their videos more widely available with the option to be made public and downloadable for offline viewing.

Mediacentral is managed by ISD Digital Media and the ISD Learning & Teaching Media team, supported by staff across all areas of ISD.

Launch Mediacentral

Find out more by following the link:UCL Mediacentral.

If you want to find out more about how Mediacentral can help you enhance your teaching, research or promotional activities, contact the Mediacentral team.