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The Digital Accessibility webpages provide information, and access to advice and resources, for all staff and students at UCL who have identified that they have a disability, or an ergonomic need, and require support with IT. They also aim to provide guidance to managers and academic staff, about the provisions they should make for disabled staff and students.

Sunflower lanyard scheme.

UCL has taken up the sunflower lanyard scheme to provide disabled staff and students with these colourful lanyards to wear to show that they have a non-visible disability. It is purely optional and lanyards can be collected for free from the campus. Information on the sunflower lanyard scheme.

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Digital Accessibility Hub

The Digital Accessibility Hub is a dedicated IT workroom that provides improved access for students with disabilities and long-term medical conditions.

Students must book an induction via Student Support and Wellbeing before access to the Digital Accessibility Hub will be granted.  The induction will introduce you to assistive software specific to your needs, if necessary, and will also cover safety, such as fire evacuation procedures, as well as our rules, which you will be expected to adhere to while using the Digital Accessibility Hub.

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