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desktop@UCL Anywhere for students

desktop@UCL Anywhere service

This service allows you to access your applications, files and desktop from your own computer or device from anywhere you have an internet connection

Please be aware that not all applications are currently available on desktop@UCL Anywhere. Please always check the application list to see what is available.

Most popular

To use this service you will need to have:

  • a UCL UserID and password
  • Installed the Citrix Receiver

How to guides

How to guides

Please view our how to guides to find out how to get started and use the service.

Getting started - accessing desktop@UCL Anywhere

There are two ways to access desktop@UCL Anywhere, you can either install the Citrix receiver, which is a piece of software installed on your computer that allows you to connect to desktop@UCL. Alternatively you can connect directly to desktop@UCL from your web browser.

installing Citrix Receiver

 Citrix Receiver can be installed on various operating systems

Using desktop@UCL Anywhere