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desktop@UCL for students and staff desktop services on campus and by remote access on a range of devices.

Desktop services for staff and students

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Student desktop services

There are two ways to access your desktop and apps

desktop@UCL PC services in computer workrooms and lecture theatres

Student PCS on campus - desktop@UCL PC

desktop@UCL is available in computer workrooms, lecture theatres and halls of residences.

Access your files, apps and desktop from anywhere with desktop@UCL Anywhere

From your own computer - desktop@UCL Anywhere

This service allow you to access your applications, files and desktop from your own computer or device.

Staff WTS and ADS desktop services for staff

Staff desktop services

We offer two desktop services:

  • Staff WTS 2010
  • Administrative Desktop Service (ADS)

Find out more about these services and how to use them.

desktop@UCL service

desktop@UCL service for staff

There is currently a pilot of the desktop@UCL staff taking place in some departments at UCL. desktop@UCL is currently only a service for students, but will soon replace the existing WTS and ADS staff services.

Find out more about the desktop@UCL for staff project

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I am unable to find documents I had saved on the desktop for either Myriad or WTS
How can I scan my documents or devices for viruses?
Where can I find a list of available applications on desktop@UCL?
Where should I save my work?

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Software usage reporting on desktop@UCL

UCL uses a software asset management system to report on software usage and ensure software licence compliance on the desktop@UCL service. Read more about software usage tracking on desktop@UCL

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Call for applications to be installed on desktop@UCL and desktop@UCL Anywhere for teaching on 2015/16

Please submit your requests for applications to be installed, or upgraded, on desktop@UCL and desktop@UCL Anywhere for teaching in 2015/16 by Friday 1st May 2015. If you don’t tell us what applications you need by 1st May, there is a risk we will not be able to have your application ready for the start of term.

If you know you require an application for Term 2 in 2015/16, but have not yet finalised your choice of application or specific version, please still inform us of this by the 1st May, so that we can resource accordingly. There is a further deadline of Oct 1st for finalising the details of the request for Term 2.

You can find a list of applications currently available on our website. 

If you have any questions please email the Service Desk or phone extension 25000.