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Meetings in Zoom

You need to have an account in order to to schedule a meeting in Zoom, unless your meeting is less than 40 minutes or is for two people only.

All UCL staff and students are able to create a UCL Zoom account. Invitees do not need to create an account, however, if you wish to enable end to end encryption of your meeting, any guests will be prompted for additional information, such as verifying a phone number via a text message. Additionally, if you wish to restrict your meeting to UCL users only, they will need to create an account. See more information about securing your meeting.

Meetings can be scheduled either through the web portal or through the Zoom app. Please see our how to guide on scheduling a meeting

Choosing settings for your meeting

Meeting ID

It is best to let Zoom generate the meeting ID automatically. Your personal meeting ID never changes, so if you use this to schedule meetings, anyone with your ID number would be able to join any future meetings you set up. Note that recurring meetings will have the same meeting ID.


This requires attendees to have a meeting password as well as the meeting ID in order to join your meeting.


Choose whether to have video on or off when joining the meeting for host and participants. Once in the meeting, participants can choose whether to turn their video on or off.


Choose whether participants can join by telephone or via their computer or either. Note that if participants join via telephone the meeting will not be end to end encrypted.


Gives you the option of which calendar you wish to use to schedule your meeting. If you choose other calendars then the meeting information can be copied and pasted into an email.

Advanced settings

In here you can also mute participants on entry which may be useful for larger meetings. Participants can then unmute themselves if they wish to speak.

Once you have set up your meeting as required, click on schedule to schedule your meeting.

Inviting attendees

When you fill in your meeting details you have the option of selecting a calendar type, this opens up a calendar invitation in your selected calendar once you have clicked to schedule the meeting. The invitation will be pre-populated with the meeting information and you can then invite the required attendees to the meeting. 

Alternatively, if you just wish to send an email with the meeting information to the attendees, you can select other calendars and copy the invitation. This can then be sent in an email or chat message.

Ending your meeting

When you are ready to end your meeting, you can leave the meeting and let others continue, or close the meeting for all participants.

Select end on the meeting toolbar and then choose either leave meeting to let the meeting continue running, or end meeting for all to close the meeting.

Hosting concurrent meetings

Users at UCL are able to host up to two concurrent meetings. Both meetings must be started by the host and then host privileges passed to a co-host if required. See Zoom's support article on hosting concurrent meetings for more information.

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