Information Services Division


Use UCL's IT Services

Be supported. Keep information secure. Save money. Please use existing IT services whenever possible, before turning to services provided by third-parties, even if they offer free features.


  1. Better support – You will get support from UCL. We know the products and can respond quickly.
  2. Peace of mind – Services are developed with the support of the Information Security Group to ensure compliance with UCL’s Information Security Policy. If you choose to use third-party services you are responsible for ensuring compliance.
  3. A more consistent experience for everyone – Students and staff will have fewer systems and applications to get to grips with.
  4. Simpler to connect to – Most UCL services can be accessed using your college username and password.
  5. Saves money – Avoids UCL paying multiple times for similar services. Many free services require licensing to support additional users or functionality. Service charges temporarily removed or reduced may be reinstated.
  6. Less administration – User accounts and other data may be integrated, saving you the administrative burden.


Start with the ISD website then consult the Software Database, which includes information on licensing and the data processing agreements we have with suppliers.

For services supporting teaching and assessment please see the Teaching Continuity page.

Below we also list some common needs and the services that may help.

Your needServices that can help
Design and Illustration
  • Adobe CC – a new licence allows students to access this from home
Publishing and sharing video
Video conferencing
Events & Webinars

Further information is also available from the CAM/Events team.

Storing files

Please see our comprehensive comparison of data storage options at UCL.


Microsoft Forms
REDCap (research focused)

If you have a question about our services contact IT Services.

Meeting new requirements

If the available services still do not meet your needs please get in touch with the relevant colleagues. ISD contacts are listed below.

Arts & Humanities
Social & Historical Sciences
Sanjay Karia
BartlettYusah Hamuth
Brain SciencesAndy Heap
IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and SocietyNick Mulliss
Life SciencesDenise Gordon
Medical SciencesJasvinder Sahota
Population Health SciencesTim Machin
Engineering and MAPSDavid Goddard
PS and Offices of the Vice ProvostsBen Smith