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Equipment loan for teaching staff - visualisers and graphics tablets

During this period of remote working, ISD have a limited stock of visualisers and graphics tablets for circulation to lecturers to assist them with online teaching.

ISD has been granted some funding to support staff who are or may be teaching remotely in the 2020/21 academic year. Our priority is to the disciplines where writing or showing objects is an important part of teaching, as most people won't have existing home equipment to do this.

You can read more about options for writing and showing objects on this digital education blog post.

Using a visualiser at home

In the classroom or lecture hall, many rooms will have a visualiser (also called a document camera) for showing writing and objects. These are typically hooked up to a projection screen through the AV system and are also captured by lecture capture. UCL uses a mix of table-top visualisers and ceiling mounted visualisers.

For home use, UCL has procured some smaller models:

The IPEVO V4K visualiser

An image of the IPEVO V4K visualiser

source: www.ipevo.com

The IPEVO VZ-R visualiser

A picture of the IPEVO VZ-R visualiser

source: www.ipevo.com


Using a graphics tablet at home

We also have a limited number of graphics tablets to circulate amongst staff, like those shown below.

XP-Pen Deco 01 graphics tablet

A drawing tablet in use

source: www.xp-pen.com 

Veikk A30 tablet

A picture of the Veikk A30 pen tablet

source: www.veikk.com

When combined with software such as Reflector or Airserver, you can mirror your device to your PC or Mac and screen share it as part of a call using Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom etc., or record it from your screen using Lecturecast Personal Capture.

There is a global shortage of some of these items, so we may not be able to supply the exact models mentioned or provide a preference. We will send whichever visualiser we have available at the time of the request. As we have a limited supply, equipment will be given out on a first come first served basis. Any equipment loaned remains the property of UCL.

Request a visualiser or graphics tablet*

*Please note: you will not receive an automated acknowledgement when a request is submitted. Due to the high demand, it will take us a few days to reply, but be assured we are obtaining the equipment and will be in touch as soon as we can.

Should you need a laptop to continue your teaching please refer to the information concerning staff laptop loans..

Terms and conditions of equipment loans

The following terms and conditions are in place for the use of the visualiser/graphics tablet loans service:

  1. By accepting the loan, I agree to abide by all the terms and conditions as set out below
  2. The visualiser/graphics tablet remains the property of UCL
  3. I will return the visualiser/graphics tablet after its use, and if necessary report any damage to the Library/IT Services (Service Desk).
  4. I understand that if the visualiser/graphics tablet is lost, stolen or damaged in my care, my department is liable to pay repair/replacement cost up to £200.
  5. Any software or hardware based issues should be reported to the IT Services or by phoning +44 (0)20 7679 5000
  6. UCL reserves the right to terminate the loan if the staff member is found to be in breach of any of the conditions above.