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The Role of Managers

Responsibilities of a line manager towards staff with disabilities

New Staff

If you know that a new member of staff due to start at UCL has a disability it is advisable to put support in place as early as possible. Options include the following:

Access to Work - this is a government initiative that helps provide funding for equipment and support for the end user. If applied for in the first 6 weeks of commencing work full funding is given if the user is eligible. If applied for later the University is expected to fund a percentage. Top up funding is now available via UCL in some cases.

If assistive technology or ergonomic equipment is required please notify the ISD CPS OPs area via a job logged through the IT Services and contact the Disability IT Support Analyst for advice and help with sourcing this equipment.

Existing Staff

If you have an existing member of staff who you feel needs some specialist support such as physiotherapy or counselling you can refer them to Occupational Health using the form link below.

Referral Form

And you can also contact the Disability IT Support Analyst for advice.

How You Can Support a Dyslexic Member of Staff

Dyslexia Resource