Information Services Division


Temporary Disabilities

From time to time, any one of us may suffer from a disability that affects our use of the computer. For instance, a sprained wrist, or other short-term upper limb injury, may mean that we require the use of assistive technology for a limited period of time.


If you are a member of staff, and you are suffering from a temporary condition affecting your work when using a computer, you should contact the Occupational Health Service, who can give you medical advice in relation to the severity, or otherwise, of the condition, and they may then refer you to the Digital Accessibility Technologists who can support you with your IT- or ergonomics-specific needs.

You should also involve your line manager, so that they can support you if you require assistive technology to alleviate your discomfort.


If you are a student at UCL, and you are experiencing discomfort when using a keyboard or mouse, however mild, you should contact Student Support and Wellbeing, who will advise you on the initial course of action that you can take. This may involve a medical assessment, and/or an appointment with the Digital Accessibility Technologists to support you with your IT- or ergonomics-specific needs, and possible requirement for assistive hardware or software.

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