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Accessibility Guidelines and Resources

This section of our site will help you navigate the rules and regulations surrounding Digital Accessibility.

Accessibility and the Law

New Web Accessibility Guidelines September 2018

In September 2018 a new EU Law came into being on web accessibility, and this built on the preceding Equality Act 2010.

Accessibility Guides and Resources

Accessibility and the Internet is a downloadable guide, collated from a lot of the larger guides found on the web by Michele Farmer and James Prime, to help users simplify the complex area that is the intersection between accessibility and web design.

There is a new short guide for developers and other accessibility testers on free tools to use to help incorporate accessibility into their design.

Accessibility of the digital environment is a UCL site with further resources and tools for developers and disabled users.

Zoom guide for Deaf support

The Digital Accessibility Technology Team have created a guide to accessibility and Teams for people to be able to maximise their access to the program.

Communications and Marketing guides and templates