Information Services Division


Resources & Services for School of Life & Medical Sciences (SLMS) staff

As well as providing a core set of services for the whole of UCL, ISD also provides specific customised service to the School of Medical and Life Sciences staff.

These services are provided by the IT for SLMS department and currently held on a separate website. Over the coming months this site will be incorporated into the main ISD site.

We will attempt where possible to make it clear on the ISD site when SLMS staff have access to alternative service and where to go for further information.

Currently the services specifically for SLMS include:

  • A separate desktop service
  • Additional storage facilities
  • Different localised support arrangements
  • A service supporting the handling of sensitive data
  • A separate service for photography, video design, print and medical illustration
  • Specific IT advice and consultancy

For full details of IT for SLMS services check their website.