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Action required to re-connect to eduroam after 8:00am Friday 27 May 2022

19 May 2022

Update 2:45pm 20 May

The planned update to eduroam has now been moved to Friday 27 May at 8am.

We will be updating our eduroam security certificate at 8:00am on Friday 27 May 2022.  After this time all staff and students will need to update their devices to be able to re-connect to the eduroam WiFi network.  The action you need to take depends on whether you have previously connected to eduroam manually or have used the eduroam Configuration Assistance Tool (CAT).

If you have previously connected to eduroam using the CAT tool

If you have already downloaded and installed the eduroam CAT tool to connect to eduroam you will need to delete the application from your device and download and install it again after 8:00am on Friday 27 May.

Our eduroam connection page has the latest instructions and links to the eduroam CAT tool.

If you have previously connected to eduroam manually

If you have previously connected to eduroam manually you will see a message asking you to accept the new certificate. Please accept the certificate by following the prompts on your device.
If you have any issues after accepting the certificate you should remove/forget the eduroam network from your list of WiFi networks and either re-connect to it manually or use the eduroam CAT tool.

Instructions for both methods can be found on our eduroam connection page:

If you still have any issues connecting to eduroam after following these instructions, please contact the IT Services Desk.