Information Services Division


Update Resolved: 1pm 22 October: Moodle performance: 18/19 October 2021

22 October 2021

Update 1pm 22 October 2021

Following a number of updates this week we are pleased to report that the issue with Moodle performance has now been resolved.

We apologise for the disruption this has caused over the last two weeks.

Please continue to report any issues with Moodle to the IT Services desk.

Update 4:30pm 21 October 2021

Moodle has remained stable throughout the day. 

Update 3:30pm 20 October 2021

Moodle has remained stable throughout the day. 

Please report any issues to the IT Services Desk

Update 3pm 19 October 2021

Changes have been made to our Moodle infrastructure to mitigate performance issues experienced and to prevent any future outages.  Our technical team and external partners continue to monitor Moodle and are on standby to respond if monitoring detects any issue.

Now that the UCL Moodle site has stabilised, the technical teams are re-focusing on identifying and resolving the root cause of the Moodle outage.

Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience and disruption this has caused.

Update 4:40pm 

Access to Moodle has now been restored. We are still carrying out investigations into the root cause of the problem. Apologies for the disruption caused.

Update 3:45pm 

Apologies but Moodle is unavailable again. Apologies for the disruption caused.

Update 3pm

UCL Moodle is available again. Apologies for the inconveience caused.

UCL Moodle is currently unavailable.

We are working with our partner technical teams to restore service as a priority.

We apologise for any disruption this may be causing.