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Update - 5pm resolved: Moodle performance issue 12 October 2021

14 October 2021

Update 14 October 2021 5.00pm

Moodle is now operating normally.

If you have any issues using Moodle, please report them to the IT Services desk.

Update 13 October 2021 4:10pm

Moodle has continued to operate normally throughout the day. We are continuing to monitor performance and the team will be carrying out further updates to improve stability.

If you have any issues using Moodle please report them to the IT Services desk.

Update 13 October 2021 11:15am

We have made a configuration change this morning to help improve the performance of Moodle. The service is working normally but we will continue to monitor performance throughout the day.

Apologies for the disruption caused and please do report any issues to the IT Services Desk.

Update 12 October 2021 3pm

After an interruption in service this morning, Moodle was restored at 12:20pm today.

As the root cause has not yet been identified, please consider the service to be at risk.

The Moodle team and external vendors are monitoring the service closely and will provide updates as they become available. Apologies for the disruption and thanks for your patience.

Update 12 October 2021 11:55am

UCL Moodle is currently unavailable.

ISD and our partner technical teams working to restore service.

We apologise for any disruption this may be causing.

Update 12 October 2021 11:30am

We are aware of performance and connection issue affecting a number of users.
This is being investigated as a priority.

Update 12 October 2021 10:30am

We believe yesterday’s Moodle performance issue has been resolved, but our teams will continue to monitor the service. 

If you experience any ongoing issues, please contact us.

Digital Education team

We are currently experiencing performance issues resulting in some users having slow page upload or error messages.
Our technical teams are investigating as a matter or urgency, and working with our external host to resolve.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Digital Education team