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Update: Resolved - 21/12/21 5:15pm - Moodle performance issues – 14 Dec 2021

21 December 2021

Update 21 December


Moodle has remained stable since the incident on Tuesday 14th of December.

Our internal technical teams and Moodle partner have identified the root cause of the issue. The outage incident on 14 December was the result of a configuration bottleneck within our underlying cloud infrastructure. We have reconfigured the infrastructure to resolve the bottleneck and will continue to monitor.

Many thanks for your patience and understandingThe Moodle Team 

Update 5:15pm 16 December

Our technical teams and Moodle partner are continuing to work in identifying the root cause of the incident on Tuesday.

Moodle has continued to be stable since the outage, although we are aware that some users experienced an unrelated slow down to the service at 10am this morning which manifested as login delay or a slow page load. This degradation was caused by a large spike in traffic to Moodle for which we immediately scaled up our AWS front end fleet and service performance returned to normal within 5 minutes.

As an additional note:
We would like to take this opportunity to remind course teams that if you are running a large-scale quiz’s in Moodle, please do not edit any components of you Moodle course page during the quiz duration as this can detrimentally affect the performance of your individual quiz.

Many thanks for your patience
Moodle Team

The Moodle service has been restored fully from 11:05am and our technical team are continuing to monitor the situation.  A root cause for the disruption has not yet been identified and this is the current focus of our internal and external teams.

We apologise for the disruption and if you have any specific questions please contact the Digital Education team  (Link to digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk)

We are aware that Moodle is running extremely slowly or is unavailable to some users.

This has been raised with our technical teams and external partners as the highest priority.

We will update this post with any developments.

Apologies for the disruption caused.