Information Services Division


Uploading Lecture recordings to incorrect Echo360 Dev Environment

2 October 2020

Dear Colleagues

We have identified a recent issue where some users have mistakenly uploaded their Lecturecast recording content onto the Dev environment of Echo360 online.

This environment should not be used for any purpose as it is not linked to any live services and content can be deleted without warning.

This issue occurs when users use their UCL userid (eg. uceapa@ucl.ac.uk) to log directly into the Echo360 system via the web page echo360.org/uk.

This issue will not occur if you access Lecturecast via Moodle.

Please note if you do access Lecturecast via the web page echo360.org/uk, you should use your alias email to log in, e.g. john.smith@ucl.ac.uk.

You can distinguish between the two environments by looking at the Lecturecast logo in the top right hand corner. The live environment has a black and blue 'Lecturecast' logo and not a black and red logo saying 'Lecturecast development'.

We are contacting Echo360 to find a solution to transfer the uploaded recordings across the platforms.

If you have accidentally uploaded recordings into the Dev environment and urgently need assistance, please contact digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk

We apologise for any inconvenience and confusion this may have caused and we are working to remove any non-development access to the environment so it cannot occur again.

Digital Education