Information Services Division


Research Data Storage Service's 1.3 Petabyte Expansion

3 February 2020

The Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) has recently added an additional 1.3 petabytes to its existing capacity, bringing the total to over 4 PB.

The Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) has been providing UCL researchers with dedicated research data shared storage for almost eight years now, and has gone through a number of incarnations in that time. Since introducing the latest version of the service in November 2017, which enabled researchers to mount the storage on their local machines as a standard drive for the first time, we’ve seen significant growth in data volumes, and this latest capacity expansion will enable this to continue into the future.

The RDSS provides active data storage which meets research funders’ requirements for effective data management. With the launch of the UCL Research Data Repository for the long-term storage and publication of research data last June, we are now in a position to provide data management over the whole research life-cycle.

The RDSS is free of charge for projects up to 5TB, and priced thereafter at just £50 per TB per year, so you don’t necessarily need to have external funding to use the service if you are engaged in a research project that does not involve significant data volumes. There are currently 924 registered projects.

The RDSS is a high-availability mirrored storage service – if one side of the mirror is unavailable for any reason, the system switches to the other side automatically, so you don’t lose access to your data. All data is also backed up to tape overnight to provide greater peace of mind.

To use the RDSS simply use the online form to register a new project (although do be aware that you will need to use the VPN to access this page if you are outside of the UCL network). If you have any special requirements, simply write to us at researchdata-support@ucl.ac.uk.