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Chrome 80 update - issues and workarounds - 4 February 2020

4 February 2020

Google Chrome version 80 is the latest version of the browser and is being rolled out from 4 February 2020. Version 80 changes the way cookies are handled in the browser which could potentially affect our ability to access a number of UCL services.

ISD has discovered that a number of its services may be affected by the browser update. We are in the process of checking each of our services.

We suggest that users affected by this change in browser behaviour either use an alternative browser such as Firefox, Safari or Edge or change the settings on the updated Chrome browser as follows:

Chrome 80 browser setting change

  • In the address bar at the top of the browser enter: chrome://flags
  • Search for SameSite
  • Disable the following settings:
    • SameSite by default cookies
    • Cookies without SameSite must be secure

For changes to take effect, relaunch the Chrome browser. 

Desktop @ UCL and Desktop @ UCL Anywhere users

The Chrome version 80 change is configured to automatically update. However for users of Desktop @ UCL and Desktop @ UCL Anywhere we will disable the SameSite cookie change which should mean that users will be able to continue using the Chrome browser as usual.

All other Chrome users

If you are using a machine that is not part of the ISD Managed Service or your own device we cannot control the browser settings and it is up to you to make the settings change or use an alternative browser. Although the browser update is being rolled out from 4 February 2020 it may take several days or weeks for all Chrome browsers to be updated.

Known affected services

The following table shows the list of UCL services tested so far and what impact the browser update is having on the operation of the application. We will be adding to this list as further applications are tested.




"Client" users (i.e. self service users without access to remedyforce console) are unaffected, as they still use classic view.

Support staff using the console view are affected. Initial log in is OK, but trying to access the RF Console, self service or CMDB results in a authentication prompt, which fails.

Use alternate browser or change cookie settings
UCL Library ExploreAfter logging in you receive a basic HTML page with an error message at the bottom. Use alternate browser or change cookie settings

Here to Succeed


ucl.seats.cloud (UCL Single Sign-on)

500 error

Use alternate browser or change cookie settings
Library Reading lists (Talis Aspire)

Error upon logging in.

"Unable to login, please try again, or contact support. Session ID: 'D64D444618BCD54B337025B39ABEA390

Use alternate browser or change cookie settings
UCL Bizzdesignucl.bizzdesign.cloud (BiZZdesign - Sign in)Use alternate browser or change cookie settings