Information Services Division


Statement on use of Kaspersky and other antivirus tools at UCL - 6 December 2017

6 December 2017


You may have seen some news relating to Kaspersky antivirus recently, specifically that the UK government is restricting the use of this product for sensitive areas. We thought it would be helpful to reiterate our current advice on antivirus to avoid confusion, and to pre-emptively address any questions from staff and students.

UCL has a site wide licence for two antivirus tools: F-Secure and Sophos. This means that all UCL devices can use either of these products. Staff and students can also use either of these tools for free on their own personal devices. As UCL has already paid for these tools, these should be considered the default antivirus tools approved for use within UCL. Use of other antivirus tools reduces the benefit of UCLs investment in these tools, and it may also cause interference in the management of the approved antivirus tools. Staff looking to use different antivirus tools should discuss this with the Information Security Group to determine the way forward.