Information Services Division


Moodle phishing email subject, Expiration Notice, 22 December 2017

22 December 2017


We have been made aware of an email with a subject line Expiration Notice, from Shukri Adan asking that you login into a URL to ask you to login to activate your account.

This is not an mail sent from UCL.

The email is a phishing email designed to obtain your credentials. These emails are becoming more sophisticated and in some instances using genuine email addresses.

Any links that you see in the email are unlikely to be genuine, the destination can be checked by hovering over the link. Please forward the email to UCL Phish.

Further guidance can be found at:  Information Security.

No member of UCL staff should ever ask you for your password or ask you to send your password by email, so any email that does should be considered a scam.

Our advice on this is that you should treat your password as you would treat the PIN number for your bank card keep it secret and don't share it with anyone, not even your friends.

If you think your UCL credentials may have been compromised please change your password immediately and contact the Information Security Group: