Remote working: How to set up AnyConnect App for VPN connection for iPad or iPhone


  • Must have an active UCL account
  • A working Internet connection, broadband (ADSL, Cable or Fibre) recommended
  • An up-to-date version of iOS; if in doubt connect iDevice to iTunes and follow update procedure.
  • An active Apple ID account that is able to download Applications from the AppStore.


  • Any local network devices will be unavailable; this will only affect people who have complex home network setups. Examples include wireless printing or wireless storage/backup in the home.

How to

  1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
  2. Using the search function in the App Store search for AnyConnect.
  3. Select Cisco AnyConnect from the search results and install the application. You will have to provide your Apple ID username and password. This is usually an email address that you supplied when you setup the device.
  4. Wait for AnyConnect to download and install. Open AnyConnect.
  5. You will be asked if AnyConnect can extend the VPN capabilities of the device, click OK.
  6. Select Add VPN Connection…
  7. Enter the following details

    • Description: UCL-VPN
    • Server address:
  8. Press Save
  9. Slide the ‘Off’ switch next to AnyConnect VPN to On
  10. Supply the following information

    • Username:    eg rmgzrtp
    • Password:    UCL Password
    • Select Connect
  11. You may now close the AnyConnect software by clicking the Home button. The VPN connection will remain.
  12. To disconnect and move back to your home network, re-open the Cisco AnyConnect App and slide the switch back to off.
  13. Now that you have successfully connected once. Your subsequent connections can be made via the Cisco AnyConnect app. Open the app, slide the on/off slider and provide your username and password.
  14. Please remember you will be working on UCL’s network when connected so you will be bound by UCL’s policies and guidelines.

Further resources

Common problems

  • Forgotten password, you can have it reset by using MyAccount password reset service or by emailing your IT for SLMS support contact to open a support request (remember to include an additional secondary email that we can contact you on).
  • An out of date iDevice. Please ensure you update iOS by connecting to iTunes.