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Eduroam is a worldwide network access service which is implemented on a federated basis. IOE is one of many participating organisations.

Anyone eduroam user can connect to IOE's eduroam wireless network. Laptop users (Mac or Windows) must setup their connection following the instructions in the guides available on this page.

Eduroam Guides
SSD&I: Eduroam
  • Connect to eduroam in your wireless setting.
  • Accept the Security Certificate
  • Login using the following format in the username field:  

    <your username>@ucl.ac.uk  - So if your username is abcdefgh enter:    abcdefgh@ucl.ac.uk And then your normal password

The advantage of Eduroam is that doesn't require the 2 stage connection (and so your device can be set to automatically connect to Eduroam when it is in range) And it is also available at most Universities in the UK and many overseas.

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You can find out more about eduroam here: Eduroam