Information Services Division



Security Updates


IT for IOE are responsible for applying security updates and antivirus to all desktop and laptop computers. This is an area of extreme importance to the security of the UCL Institute of Education's data network. As part of our sustainable working practices we shut down all desktop computers daily at 22:00, effectively reducing our overall power consumption and carbon emissions. In order to ensure that all machines are fully up to date with the latest security updates and antivirus definitions, machines are automatically enlivened in batches, have updates applied and are then shutdown. This process runs between midnight and 01:00 am. Computers are then only switched on the following day if the machine is required for use by a member of staff or student.

Server Virtualisation

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IT for IOE is committed to a virtualisation policy. This has reduced the number of physical servers we are running, thereby cutting our power consumption and carbon emissions. Our virtual servers currently comprise roughly 40% of our total server estate. Wherever possible, all new application platforms are hosted on virtual machines.