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IT Services

The IT Services is the first point of contact for supported computer hardware, software, IT account or other IT related issues; including telephony, audio visual and printing queries. Support is available through a day service and an out of hours service, ensuring 24/7 cover for all IT queries.

Help & Support - IT Services

Before contacting the IT Services

First, please check the IT Hot Issues page for any known issues.

If your issue is not listed then please work through the following checklist as this may help us to assist you.

  • Is the problem resolved by rebooting your machine? (We often ask you to reboot your computer when experiencing difficulties as this restarts a lot of hidden services which your computer relies on. A large percentage of errors are resolved by rebooting computers)
  • Have any cables come loose from the rear of your computer? If so, are you able to reconnect them?
  • Are they any lights on the front of your computer? (This gives us an indication what the current power state of your computer is)
  • Are any of your colleagues experiencing the same issues? (This helps us decide if the problem is local or more widespread)
  • Has anything changed, been upgraded or modified on your system since it was last working? (Sometimes software updates or the installation of a new program can adversely affect a computer).

If you still need to contact us, please be prepared to provide us with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your full location (room, floor, building)
  • Your contact extension or telephone number
  • Your UCL Institute of Education IT username
  • The nature of your problem and a concise description of the sequence of events that led to this issue (e.g. what you were doing, what happened on the screen, and/or the exact wording of any error messages)
  • The name of your workstation
  • Your availability (if you are likely to be out of contact).

Open Hours for IT Services in the Library

Building reopenings

A number of our libraries are now open for UCL students and staff. Please check individual Opening Hours. Books can be requested from these and some other sites via our Click and Collect service. If you wish to use a study space this will need to be booked before visiting each library - please see our Bookable Study Spaces Help webpage for further details.

Latest updates

Currently the IT Services Desks are closed. To speak to an analyst please use the UCL Go App to access the IT Service Chat. Alternatively you can call us on 02076795000.

How your request is managed

The IT Services Assistant will assist with your query and escalate as necessary to the appropriate local or central resolver team for their attention.

You can also email or call IT Services. Please note that it may take longer to resolve your issue by email than when you call.

If a query cannot be resolved on first contact and requires specialist knowledge or a site visit, IT Services will give you a call reference number and pass it onto the relevant local or central support team for their attention. Please quote this unique call reference in any further communications to avoid delays in resolving your issue.

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