Information Services Division


The Space

The Space is a dedicated resource for UCL Institute of Education research staff which allows for recording, monitoring and observational study.


The Space is currently available to be booked by UCL Institute of Education staff only.  UCL Institute of Education students cannot book The Space, although they can use it if supervised by a member of UCL Institute of Education staff.  The Space is currently not available to be booked by external groups, but if you would like to express an interest in future bookings, please contact Cally Moraitis (Psychology and Human Development administrator).

The Space is made up of 2 areas:

  • The Observation Suite – which is a bookable room and consists of the Student Room and Observation Room.
  • The EEG Room – which is shielded against Electrical Interference and is for the exclusive use of CRAE.

There is also a communal Family Waiting Area, a baby changing area and unisex toilet.

The EEG is a smaller room which has a single video and sound feed, the larger Observation Suite consists of 2 rooms and has a number of feeds.  Video recording facilities are currently being developed and will be controlled using the touch panels contained within each room.  All video and sound feeds can be also controlled from a work station in the Gallery.

The Gallery is a communal space which cannot be booked.  It can be used to discreetly view activity in the observation suite below, and through the video monitors it is possible to view activities that are going on in any of the centre's spaces.  Should staff wish to view activity in the EEG room they will need to use the gallery and should account for this at the time of booking.

UCL Institute of Education staff are expected to liaise and coordinate with one another regarding the use of these communal spaces, and requirements should be noted at the time of booking in the notes section.