Information Services Division


Equipment and software

We provide support and advice for the purchase and use of recommended IT hardware and software and advice on the disposal of unwanted equipment.

Software purchasing information

Kindly click on the link below  and login with your UCL login details to the UCL Software database.

ISD Software & Hardware

Downloads of Microsoft products

For a list of the Microsoft Software for Windows & OSX, please login with your UCL credentials to purchase products listed on the site, kindly click here.

Hardware purchasing for staff

For examples of hardware recommendations and indicative prices, please browse Additional Information (IT Hardware).

Note, the actual model and specification is subject to change.  Please contact the IT Services to discuss your requirements.

Disposal of unwanted equipment

All redundant IT equipment should be returned to IT for IOE on Level 3 Floor (Wing 3 - W3.02) of 20 Bedford Way.  We will then arrange for CDL to collect this. 

Please refer to our Disposal of unwanted equipment guidelines policy for more details.