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UCL Drop Box: List files you've dropped off

In UCL Drop Box you can view a list of files that you dropped off others.

This guide is aimed at...

  • Staff
  • Students
  • Visitors


  1. Go to: Dropbox
  2. Click Login and complete login process
  3. Click on the list files you dropped off link as shown below:

Fig 1. The 'list files you dropped off' link

Fig 1. The 'list files you dropped off' link

A table will then be displayed showing all of the files you have dropped off (remaining for 14 days only).

Fig 2. Table of files

Fig 2. Table of files

I've dropped off files but my list is empty

Are you using a role account? UCL Drop Box checks for two attributes of a UCL user ID: personal name and UCL email address, in a directory system called LDAP. Role accounts do not have these attributes and when they are missing, this feature of UCL Drop Box will not work.


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