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Staff Registration

Obtaining your account details

Most staff are automatically assigned a UCL user ID and password, the main exception being honorary staff (see below).

Visit the Security Services department in the Andrew Huxley building (open Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 4.45pm) where you can pick up your sealed computer registration slip containing your user ID and initial password. You will also be issued with your UCL ID card and IT Essentials induction pack at the same time.

If the Security Services department does not have your computer registration slip, visit the IT Services with your ID card and you can be registered to use the MyAccount service and set a password for your account.

Once you have your user ID and password

Now you have your details, you should:

  1. Change your password to something only you know. Your password automatically expires between 100 and 350 days after you set it (depending on the strength of the password you choose).
  2. Register your phone number so you can reset your password if you forget it.

Honorary and Other Staff

Computer access for honorary staff should be requested by your Departmental Administrator using the Services System.

Members of certain associated institutions may be eligible for a UCL user ID and password. If you are unsure, please contact the ISD IT Services.


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