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Silva CMS: search & metadata

Using the masthead search at UCL

The best way to make the masthead global search at UCL work for you is to ensure you add good metadata to your pages.

Adding metadata to a Silva document

  1. Ensure you are in editing mode of the page in question;
  2. Click on the 'Properties' tab;
  3. For 'Subject' use the title of the page - the title should always be what the page is about and include keywords the users will search for;
  4. For 'Description' use a clear summary of what the page is about and include keywords users will search for
  5. For 'Keywords' use any acronyms, common misspellings and phrases that users will search for.

Always ensure that relevant keywords users are in the page's text and headings!


If there are specific pages and keywords that are not being found, please let us know - silva-support@ucl.ac.uk


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