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Silva CMS: new to Silva

I'm new to Silva but have attended the Intro to the Silva CMS course.

Do immediately

Chief Editor

Ask your Chief Editor

  • Ask the Chief Editor to give you access and ask what is expected of you;
  • Ask the Chief Editor about Google Analytics for your site;
  • Ask when you have meetings about the site;
  • Ask what rules there are for images on your site;

Questions most asked:

  1. Why can't I delete a Silva page or folder?
  2. I need to upload documents. How do I go about this?
  3. Why should the URL be in lowercase with hyphens and not underscores?
  4. Why should I use meaningful IDs? - because of Search Engine Optimisation!
  5. Can I use Internet Explorer? I'm afraid not - use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  6. Why can't I use click here etc.?
  7. Why can't I use underscores in IDs?
  8. Why can't I see what I've just published? - there is a 30-minute (or less) delay before users can see the newly published content.


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