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Silva CMS: make a website live

Whilst you are building a site, the URL will be:http://www.indigo-sandbox.ucl.ac.uk/name-of-site
Once the site is live, the URL will be:http://www.ucl.ac.uk/name-of-site
How do I edit once the site is live?Put /edit at the end of the URL
click on the little grey cross at the bottom right.

You need to do the following and do ask if you don't understand!

  1. Let us know when you would like the site to be live by emailing Web support BUT

    1. We need at least a full working week's notice!
    2. We make sites live every other weekend.  Because Silva struggles with sites being copied during office hours, we have to do this out-of-hours.
    3. We ask you to stop editing at 5pm on the Friday BEFORE that weekend.
    4. We will check the site before it goes live, we may get back to you with suggestions for improvements to the site; these are often related to usability and accessibility - this may result in the site having to go live later than expected!

      Please read!
    5. Unless your site is replacing a site with the same name, we will have to get a rewrite for your site, which cannot be done until the Monday after the weekend!
    6. We never make sites live in the week immediately before the Xmas or Easter break as we may not have enough resources to help in case there is a problem with the new site.
  2. Do NOT publicise the URL until the site is live! So be very careful with publicity materials.
    Talk to us first if there is going to be printed material with the URL on it.
  3. Please make sure someone is available to go over the site once live to ensure all is well before announcing it 'to the world'.
  4. Email Web support to ask for the site to be added to UCL's Search Engine Funnelback so that it appears high in the search when looking for it on the UCL website.


We are continually improving our site, so please provide us any feedback on this web page using the form below. It would also be really useful if we could discuss your feedback with you, so if you are happy to be contacted please include your UCL email address in 'Email' field below.

Please note: We can only respond to UCL email addresses

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