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Silva CMS: embed a video from UCL MediaCentral

You can show videos on your website by uploading it to UCL MediaCentral or embedding the code from YouTube.

We now recommend uploading videos to UCL MediaCentral as visitors may view your video(s) there as well as on your website resulting in more viewers possibly?

NB YouTube may remove your video without warning.

This guide is aimed at...

  • Staff
  • IT Administrators

Before you start...

You will need to have Chief Editor, Editor or Author access in Silva;
You will need to have attended Silva training.

  1. Avoid using Internet Explorer when editing;
  2. Log on to the relevant website by adding /edit at the end of the web address or clicking on the small cross at the bottom of the page.

Instructions- this is only for people still using Silva without Indigo!!!

This is a 2-step process:

Step 1

People at UCL are asked to embed videos from MediaCentral. To do this you first upload the video to MediaCentral yourself and then embed it in the relevant page.

  1. Go to the MediaCentral site
  2. Follow the instructions there on how to upload a video.

Step 2

  1. On your website, go to the page where you'd like to upload the video
  2. Go to the relevant page on MediaCentral
  3. Copy the HTML code - on right-hand side underneath 'copy link'.
  4. Go to the code source: HTML: insert HTML code
  5. Copy and paste the html code in the box
  6. Click on add external source
  7. Save and publish

Help & Support

For further help and assistance you will need to contact silva-support@ucl.ac.uk


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