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Silva CMS: create a new web page or folder

Your website consists of pages and folders. We strongly recommend you always create folders as this allows for more flexibility later on.

You would only use a single Silva document or web page if you know the page will not need further information. A good example of such a page would be your Contact Us page.

This guide is aimed at...

  • Staff
  • IT Administrators

Before you start...

You will need to have Chief Editor, Editor or Author access in Silva;
You will need to have attended Silva training.

  1. Avoid using Internet Explorer when editing;
  2. Log on to the relevant website by adding /edit at the end of the web address or clicking on the small cross at the bottom of the page.


Web page (Silva Document)

  1. Ensure you are in the contents tab;
  2. Click on the select: drop-down list;
  3. Select Silva Document from the drop-down list;
  4. Fill in the id (lowercase and not underscore if more than one word!) and title for the web page;
  5. Press save or save and enter;

    1. If you press save and enter, it means you can start editing straightaway.

The ID must be:

  • in lower case
    UCL's standard practice to have all URLs in lower-case!
  • not have any punctuations except for hyphens
    Avoid using underscore or any other symbols.
  • not have any spaces
    URLs never have spaces.

The title field has no such limitations but it's best to keep the ID and the Title the same. 

The page title will appear in the:

  1. new document at the top of the page
  2. breadcrumb trail
  3. left-hand navigation

The ID will appear in the URL or web address.

Folder (Silva folder)

  1. Navigate to the section of the site where you want to add the new folder;
  2. Ensure you are in the contents tab;
  3. Click on the select: drop-down list;
  4. Select Silva Folder;
  5. Give the folder an id and title - the id must be in lower case, and use hyphens, not underscore;
  6. Click Save, or Save and Enter to start working inside this new folder.


  1. By default, you will automatically be given an index page (Silva document) when you create a folder.
  2. If you don't want an index page, e.g. if you would like a folder for storing files or images, choose none before you click on Save.

Help & Support

For further help and assistance you will need to contact silva-support@ucl.ac.uk


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