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Set automatic reply/out of office message in Outlook 2013

Use this function to let people know when you will be away from UCL.


1.  Click on the File tab at the top-right corner and select Automatic Replies.


Fig 1. Automatic replies option
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2. Check the Send automatic replies button making sure the Only send during this time range: is also checked and set your Start time and End time for the duration of the automatic reply. Once you have done this, fill in your out of office message in the text field as shown below.


Fig 2. Automatic Replies box
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3. Now click on the Outside My Organization tab and fill in the text message for anyone outside of UCL to receive. Once you have done this, click OK.


Fig 3. Example of leaving an automatic reply
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4. Your out of office message is now set. This will be indicated by the Automatic Replies section highlighted in yellow with a Turn off button allowing you to turn the feature off. The automatic reply will turn off automatically after the specified end time has expired.


Fig 4. Illustration of Automatic Replies turned on
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