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Recover deleted messages in Outlook 2016 for Windows

Messages which have been purged from the Deleted Items folder are moved to a depository called Recover Deleted Items. These messages are then available for recovery for 14 days after they were deleted. This guide demonstrates how to recover messages from Recover Deleted Items.

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1. Select the Deleted Items folder. On the top ribbon, select Recover Deleted Items from Server.

Fig 1. Locating Recover Deleted Items from Server option

2. A Recover Deleted Items window will be displayed containing messages which were purged. To recover a message, select the message and select the Restore Selected Items radio button.

Tip: You can highlight a range of messages to be recovered by selecting the top message, holding down the shift key on your keyboard and selecting the bottom message of the range.

Select OK to close the window.

Fig 2. Recover Deleted Items window…

Fig 2. Recover Deleted Items window

3. The restored message has now have been moved back to the Deleted Items folder within your account.

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