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Indigo: add an editable footer

  • Demo: scroll down this page to see the editable footer specific for ISD

This guide is aimed at...

  • Staff
  • IT Administrators

Before you start...

You will need to have Chief Editor, Editor or Author access in Silva;
You will need to have attended Silva training.

  1. Avoid using Internet Explorer when editing;
  2. Log on to the relevant website by adding /edit at the end of the web address or clicking on the small cross at the bottom of the page.


To add footer links, like the ones shown in three columns at the bottom of this page:

  1. Create a folder with the id footer at the root of the publication.
  2. Within that folder create three pages, with ids left, middle and right.
  3. The titles of those pages will be displayed as titles in the matching column of the footer.
  4. The content of those pages will be displayed in the matching column of the footer.

Note: You don't have to add all three pages. If one isn't found, the default footer content will be shown instead - e.g. if you don't want to replace Facilities and its contents, then it will display what is currently in Facilities.

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For further help and assistance you will need to contact silva-support@ucl.ac.uk



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